ImageDisp-1It’s always a happy day when I get film back from the lab. This photo was taken in Newport Beach with my old Brownie Hawkeye and Fujichrome Velvia 100F color slide film. As with the other Brownie images I’ve posted over the past year or so, the lens has been inverted to create the dreamy blur you see here. The results I’ve gotten with this humble box camera and its flipped plastic lens have been generally pleasing but I particularly like the painterly quality of this image. More to come!


IMG_9200I missed a post a while back so I’m going to catch up with yet another macro shot of illuminated pine sap on a tree stump. Yes, I am easily amused!


IMG_9204Because I had so much fun with the illuminated pine sap and tree stump featured in yesterday’s photo, I went back this afternoon around the same time but with my macro lens. Pretty sure that, after two days of this, the neighbors must think I’m a little crazy. :-)


IMG_1274The things they left behind: As fascinated as I am by the many abandoned homes I’ve come across while exploring the Southern California desert, I’m just as intrigued by the household items and personal possessions that have been discarded along with them. As for the cabin featured in yesterday’s post, there wasn’t much there…just a couple of bedsprings (of course) and, strangely enough, a solitary spatula lying on the ground outside.