If somebody asks me, “Are you happy?” I stop and look inside. “Yes, I’m happy.” “Are you sad?” “Yes. I’m sad.” Answering those questions I realize that all of those feelings are present. Imagine the richness of that moment in which everything is present: the exquisiteness of a rose in bloom, the grief of losing a loved one. This moment has all of that. It’s just living truth. ~ Ram Dass, Polishing the Mirror



wonder-valleyGolden-hour light and shadow in the largely-abandoned expanse of Southern California desert known as Wonder Valley. Photo taken with a Canon Rebel T2 and Fujichrome Velvia 100F 35mm color-slide film.


wondervalleyGreetings from the Mojave Desert!

I actually took this one a while back (this is a film image and it takes me a while to get my stuff to the lab) but hope to get up there again soon now that temps are once again in the double digits. Forget pumpkin spice lattes, I can think of no better way to ring in autumn than with a desert photo safari. :-)

Photo taken with an old Canon Rebel T2 and Fujichrome Velvia 100F 35mm color-slide film.


NorthShoreSaltonSeaAnother quick iPhone shot featuring light and shadow, this one taken at the Salton Sea’s North Shore Beach and Yacht Club. Designed by Modernist architect Albert Frey in 1959, the once-abandoned but subsequently-restored structure is a relic from the Sea’s mid-century glory days.