Hello! My name is Caryn and I’m a photographer living in the Southern California mountains not far from Palm Springs.

This blog is my sketchpad, a visual journal of my life, and the engine that propels me down my creative path. It also tends to be a rather eclectic affair, dominated by my Canon 70D while also reflecting my enthusiasm for vintage cameras.

I often share my adventures in film photography (including my home-darkroom experiments) with my Polaroid SX-70 and Spectra, a Brownie Hawkeye, a Yashica Mat, and an old Canon SLR all well represented. And, as a firm believer in the modern adage that the best camera is the one you have with you, you’ll find I’m not shy about posting the occasional iPhone snap.

If you spend any time here at all, you’ll soon notice that the images I post are eclectic and often experimental in nature. To view a curated collection of my best work please visit my website: www.CarynGilbert.com

Your comments are welcome and appreciated. Thanks so much for stopping by!


P.S. I hang out on Instagram quite a bit and post there almost daily. To connect with me via Facebook click here. Thanks again for visiting! :-)

Copyright: All images and original text
©2010-2019 Caryn Gilbert. All rights reserved.


35 thoughts on “About

  1. keep clicking! it’s a great outlet and you’ve got serious talent. I completely understand what you mean by trying to keep up on a daily photo blog. I’ve got one too. Everything seems to be going great with lovely daily photo posts and then, “BLAMo!” Life happens. I’ve had recent events that had held me at bay from what I love doing – photography and working on my blog. After 2 months, I’m not just getting back into the groove of it.
    I really like your work, and I hope that life will ease and be gentle for you. Especially so you can do what you truly enjoy. Photography.

  2. Thank you, Tri! To say that your comment has made my day would be an understatement. You summed it up so well…Life happens. Momentum is a fragile thing indeed. All we can do is try to stay focused on the people and projects that mean the most to us. Good luck with your creative endeavors and thanks again for your kind words and encouragement. I truly appreciate it! :-)

    • You’re welcome. i just feel like I completely understand what you’re going through. And, we photographers need our outlet…when we can’t express ourselves due to life and it’s blunders — we get cramped.
      I like your style and REALLY appreciate your feedback on my photos as well.

      Keep you chin up and keep clicking! :) It’s keeps us balanced!

  3. Lovely self-portrait! I like to wear heals when I’m shooting too. :)

    It’s hard to commit to this (I’ve been very spotty with it this past year) but blogging is so much fun when I do get out here. Always love seeing your photos!

    • Thanks, Jolene. Funny you should mention those boots which have sat unworn in my closet for several months now. I’ve been dressing for comfort these days. Maybe I’m getting old! As for blogging, I think an ebb and flow is to be expected as it is with any longterm creative endeavor. The great thing about a blog is that it’s always there for you when you decide to come back. I always look forward to your posts regardless of your schedule. :-)

  4. As it goes it is time to pass on my Reader Appreciation Award and I pass it on to you. Thanks for keeping me entertained. I really like your blog.

    If you don’t want to accept it you don’t have to, but if you do click here to see what you need to do. There is a link to your page there.

    • Hi Kartika, Thank you so much for your kind words. Maintaining a daily blog has been a truly life-changing experience for me. It’s a visual journal but also a creative engine that forces me, in a good way, to keep going (and growing) even when I don’t feel like it. I highly recommend it.

  5. I only discovered your blog this year, and every day when I open a post I go “Oooh”, “Ah” or “Wow”! I hope you’ll keep doing this in 2013!

    • Thank you so much, Kiki, for the lovely compliment! I do intend to keep blogging but will likely go with a less demanding posting schedule that still provides me with the structure I need. Thanks again for your comment and Happy Holidays! :-)

  6. Hi Caryn,
    Looking through your photoblog…really enjoy it! It was listed in an email I got today!
    I posted it to a facebook group I belong to:
    We were presented a challenge yesterday if we we to participate in it to do a photo a day for 365 days or a blog a day through out other group if we want!
    I have done the 30 day challenges before but going to give this 365 day a go!
    Our photography group is made up of photographers of all levels from beginners to hobbiest as my self to all levels of professionals!
    I’m looking forward to following your post throughout the up coming year!
    Happy New Years!

    • Hi Joyce, Thank you so much for spending time here on my blog and also for sharing the link with your FB group! As you can probably tell from everything I’ve already written here, I am a big believer in 365 projects. They are a huge commitment but, once you’ve completed yours, I think you will agree that it was well worth it. Good luck with your project and Happy New Year!

    • Hi John, Thank you so much for your kind words about my blog and for the nomination. I will check out your link and the rules. Thanks again…I am honored! :-)

      • Thank you Caryn. As a painter of change and decay some of your work has special resonance for me, and you clearly have a good eye. I hope you have fun as you reach for your target,

        • Thank you, John. There are few things that appeal to me more than rust and ruin. It’s nice to connect with people who also appreciate less obvious forms of beauty.

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