Since I’m back into my New Mexico film archives anyway I thought I’d go ahead and post this 35mm shot taken in downtown Santa Fe. :-)

I’m dreaming of road trips and wishing you a lovely weekend wherever you happen to be!



OK, so this photo isn’t from either of my recent urban photo safaris here in Southern California (it’s a 35mm film image from my trip earlier this year to New Mexico) but I thought it was another good example of the mundane and less-obvious forms of beauty we so often overlook especially in cities. I took this in Santa Fe late one afternoon when I noticed the golden-hour light and shadow hitting this metal hatch in the sidewalk just so, accentuating its pattern, texture, and rich color . Pretty!



Lines, angles, and shapes in downtown Pomona. OK, so it’s not exactly art deco but I do find the austere simplicity of utilitarian mid-century architecture to be oddly appealing.