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So my drive home from Santa Fe wasn’t quite as euphoric as my trip there, and I was exhausted, but I did manage to make a few stops along the way. I spotted this sign while driving through Grants, New Mexico (about 80 miles east of the Arizona/New Mexico border) and couldn’t not pull over. I’ve only been back a few weeks and already I’m feeling restless. Where to next?


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This abandoned cafe in the tiny, near-ghost town of Desert Center, California has been “closed for remodeling” for years and yet I’ve never seen anyone there or any indication that there is work being done. It’s fully furnished and, as you can see, there are even condiments still on the tables. It’s as if they closed one evening with the intention of reopening the next morning but then decided to walk away instead. Very strange and more than a little mysterious.


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From the long ride home. I couldn’t drive past the tiny, near-ghost town of Desert Center without stopping for a few photos. (Photo taken with an iPhone 5s.)


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I’m a bit obsessed with fire escapes and seek them out whenever I’m in the city. (In this case the city was surprisingly-urban Las Vegas, New Mexico.) I had never seen one like this before though! Photo taken with an iPhone 5s.


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Another Las Vegas, New Mexico ghost sign. If you’re a fan of these evocative and intriguing links to the past, you’ll love Las Vegas. They have a lot of them there!