I’m quite fond of nice round numbers and so I’m happy to be posting my 1200th photo to the blog today!

If I’ve learned one thing on this photoblogging adventure of mine it’s that small, consistent actions add up over time and can (as they have for me) lay a sturdy foundation for bigger things. As I put the finishing touches on my second photography show, I am acutely aware that I wouldn’t be enjoying my new identity as a “local artist” here in my small community if it weren’t for my blog, a project I launched, quietly and impulsively, on New Year’s Day 2010.

One thing leads to another, of course, and I have a couple of new, fairly lofty goals, both of which require me to significantly beef up my social-media numbers. The truth is, that while my following here is pretty healthy, it’s lonely over on my Facebook and Instagram pages. I hate to ask, but if even half of you clicked over and liked/followed me on one or both of those pages it would help me enormously and I’d be grateful.


As for the photo, it’s an iPhone snap from my visit to Temecula’s Falkner Winery earlier this year.

Thank you so much for your support! :-)



IMG_2009edit_edited-1Yesterday’s antique hay rake (so I’ve been told :-)) from a different perspective. Wilson Valley Road; Aguanga, CA