ssj.jpgIf you’ve followed this blog for very long, you know I’m a hopeful and enthusiastic fan of the ecologically-troubled Salton Sea here in the Southern California desert. It’s an eerie, uniquely beautiful place and I always get a little thrill whenever I come across it in the occasional music video or fashion spread. My enthusiasm wanes, however, when I stop by for one of the eastern shore’s spectacular, and usually profoundly-quiet, sunsets only to find the place (in this case Bombay Beach) overrun by models, photographers and other assorted hipsters. At this point, though, any publicity is good publicity for this seemingly doomed area so I’ll try to play nice and learn how to share.


IMG_7445I took a spontaneous road trip today to check out an abandoned town I just learned of that’s way out in the desert about an hour west of the California/Arizona border. It was a very long day but, as tired as I was, I couldn’t resist pulling over to snap this abandoned gas station on my way home. More to come soon. Sweet dreams!