More pattern and lines in L.A.’s Chinatown; Photo taken with a Polaroid Spectra and film from the Impossible Project.


2 thoughts on “193/366

  1. Sorry to say..I’ll be glad when you run out of poloroid fllm!!! I had sx70 and the film and color was vibrant and great…miss it…try to shoot everything with your digital or film camera also because ALL your shots are well composed and graphically happening!…miss you.

    • I’m sorry you don’t like the Polaroids, Barry. Not sure if you are aware of the story behind the Impossible Project but the new films they are producing are experimental in nature. When Polaroid abandoned their film business several years ago, a group of employees bought the company’s last factory in the Netherlands and basically had to start over. The film they produce has come a long way but is still temperamental and unpredictable, often disappointing, and sometimes exquisitely beautiful. I wouldn’t trade my SX-70, or the pleasure of shooting instant film, for anything. I’m grateful the Impossible Project exists and am happy to support them while they continue to perfect their product.

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