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Fellow Americans, I hope you will accept my belated Independence Day greetings!

I didn’t foresee being absent from this space for so long but real life has once again gotten in the way. There have been more than a few distractions among them the fact that my computer’s near-death experience a couple of weeks ago was not a false alarm but was in fact a prelude to the real thing.

Yes, my faithful companion of the past seven years has finally kicked the bucket. I’m not one to anthropomorphize inanimate objects but we’ve been through so much together, that computer and I, and I’m a little sad to move on without her. I was hoping she had another year or two left in her.

At least there have been no tears. I’ll admit I once stood weeping in a Saturn dealership (remember them?) when I was told my beloved 2-door coupe (which, although I didn’t know it at the time and even more distressing, would turn out to be my last car with a stick shift) was beyond repair. I’ve had some arguably cooler rides since then but I doubt I’ll ever love another car liked I loved that Saturn!

So, anyway…the good news is I have a new computer! Yay. The bad news is I couldn’t really afford one. Oh well. I’m not going to obsess over the particulars.

As for the photo, it’s an iPhone snap I took yesterday while soaking up the festivities here in Idyllwild. There are few things more fun than the 4th of July in a small town!


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