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I wrote here not too long ago about how uninspired I’ve been feeling lately and what a struggle it has become to post here every day. All of a sudden, the things that usually delight me (abandoned buildings, quirky desert imagery, repetition) are boring me to tears.

This is a bit concerning because I’m never bored. Truly. In fact, I grew up believing (and still believe) the old adage that if you’re bored, you’re boring! So, I’ve decided to try something a bit different while I await my New Mexico departure date.

I’m going to simply stay put and try to find things to photograph in my home environment, something I haven’t done much of since moving to Idyllwild.

And, with that, I give you Domestic Abstract #1. Any idea what this is? ;-)


6 thoughts on “80/366

  1. I think we all struggle with various degrees of boredom or lack of inspiration, particularly when doing a long project, such as a 366. Your decision to capture some very different shots is a great approach to breaking out of it. I’m sure you’ll bust through this temporary barrier in no time!!

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