Since we’re back in the city anyway, I thought I’d post a few more film images from my recent stay in Los Angeles.

Today’s photo is a Polaroid SX-70 shot I took early on a Sunday morning in Venice Beach. Given the fact that street photography makes me extremely uncomfortable, I’m not quite sure why, on the rare occasion I do try my hand at it, I usually do so with a less-than-discreet camera. Because there’s nothing like the distinctive whirr of a Polaroid for attracting attention!


7 thoughts on “36/366

    • Thank you, Frank. I’m pretty selective when shooting Polaroid (mostly due to the cost of the film) and usually try to seek out what I think will come across as timeless and/or nostalgic subjects. The seaside, carnivals, and fairs lend themselves particularly well to instant film I think.

      • I’m definitely looking forward to seeing more of your Polaroid work. I think you have a winning approach to getting great shots with instant film, as I think you’re spot on that the nostalgia of those scenes is expressed well this way.

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