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Not too far from the Salton Sea is Brawley, a small city in the desert I’ve had the pleasure of spending some time in recently. Pictured here is an iPhone snap of a boarded-up window I spotted there that, given its lovely shapes, lines, angles, curves, and textures, strikes me now as a sort of found collage.

The thing about a daily-photo project is that you sometimes have to plug away at it even when you know there’s nobody paying attention. And with that, back to Iowa we go.

Have a great evening, folks. I hope your team wins!


6 thoughts on “32/366

  1. Hello Caryn,
    Surprising how we can walk/drive by so much without really seeing anything. I appreciate the reminder to slow down, and see what I regularly lose in the busyness of life.. Thank you for commiting to take those moments to remind us of the beauty we are surrounded with. Safe travels.

    • Thank you so much, Ted. Your comment reminds me of that famous Dorothea Lange quote, “The camera is an instrument that teaches people how to see without a camera”. Photography has, without a doubt, changed the way I perceive the world.

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