IMG_20151208_0013From my home-darkroom practice roll #3. A few tweaks…more developer, more time, and less agitation (thank you, Victor) seem to have made quite a difference. Onward!


12 thoughts on “1218

      • Yes, but I should just delete that real estate blog. I’m inactive status and really don’t intend to return to it. More valuable though less remunerative things to do with the balance of my life. I post my photos on my website: http://www.carloyphotos.com

        I’m glad to see another young person getting interested in film. We’ve gathered a nice collection of vintage but very usable Nikon film bodies and manual focus lenses from eBay in the last couple of months. It’s our “museum,” but I do plan to use them. There’s also a nice Hasselblad system, all film equipment, to use. The most interesting thing apart from a return to the darkroom for silver printing is a new adventure: Platinum/palladium. We have the chemicals, the nice paper, the UV lightbox for the exposures, and all the stuff for it. Just waiting for some nice 4×5 or 8×10 negatives to use which will be coming soon. I have some 4×5’s to process now. We’ll see! Keep up the good work. Your eye is excellent; your concepts are refreshing. I look forward to more.

        • Thank you, Kerry, for your positive feedback and for the link. I’ve clicked through and am looking forward to spending some quality time on your site. Looks great so far!

          • Thanks, Caryn. However, I got a nasty email from the Houston Marathon Committee yesterday demanding I remove photos from that event from my website. They said it violated their proprietary rights to any possible media sales. I had sold nothing, but complied, of course.

            • I just had a similar experience recently with a foundation that wouldn’t allow me to use some photos I took on their property. Oh well. That’s their prerogative.

              • True. HM Committee did email me back today saying they appreciated my understanding. I offered them free files for promotionals if they liked any. They must have liked some because they found them threatening! LOL…sorry about your own experience there.

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