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I’m one of those photographers who rarely, if ever, photographs people. I also do my best to keep narcissism at bay and the selfies to a minimum. That being said, I’ve just completed an e-course in conceptual photography and, as it turns out, self-portraiture has been a key element of the exercises we’ve been working through.

I now see the value of coming out from behind the camera and am fascinated by the secrets and symbols that can be incorporated into a photograph. More importantly, I find it intriguing that even the most personal image can conceal as much as it reveals.


6 thoughts on “1206

  1. Beautiful. I feel that it’s much easier to experiment on oneself as one is always available and you can really tap deep into your own feelings. Pls do Chk out my self portrait series. Thanks

    • Thank you, Aimon. I agree with you. Photographing another person while I’m still so new to this would be very intimidating. Besides, its the highly-personal nature of this kind of work that I find inspiring. Looking forward to visiting you over on your blog. Thanks again!

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