It’s been quiet around here, I know.

In spite of my best intentions (I was going to blog regularly and fully engage in social media this year, really I was), I have withdrawn from the online world in a big way, doing most of my reading and writing on paper rather than screens. I’ve developed a strong and sudden aversion towards my computer, and all that it contains and connects me to, and find myself leaving my laptop closed for days at a time. I’ve even deleted the Facebook app from my phone. I know!

That being said, I have been having a lot of fun over on my Instagram page. If you hang out over there, come find me so we can connect. :-)

As for the photo, I took it a few weeks ago while visiting the Noah Purifoy Outdoor Desert Art Museum of Assemblage Sculpture in Joshua Tree, a remarkable place that is off the beaten path but well worth seeking out if you’re in the area!


6 thoughts on “1190

  1. I understand what you mean. I sometimes push my Facebook app to the back of the bus, log off and ignore everything Internet. And it’s going to happen again right now. Frankly, I’m way too busy in the real world.

    • Yes, social media is such a distraction and also a little “noisy” for me. I’m at the point where I can only take it in small doses!

  2. I appreciate how you describe this. I took a day off that lasted months. I recently “returned” and never explained. Maybe I will. Maybe I’ll compare it to a fruit tree that is not always “in production”.

    • Thank you Marso. I love your fruit-tree analogy. I’ve arrived at a point in life where I try to embrace the natural ebb and flow of all things, particularly creativity and relationships (both on and offline). Thanks again for spending time here, for taking the time to comment, and for all of your “likes”.

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