IMG_20140610_0011Another beachy Polaroid for you, this one taken near the Newport Pier with my SX-70 and film from the Impossible Project.


7 thoughts on “329/365

  1. My dad gave me his SX-70 and I have been meaning to see if it works. Your pictures are pushing me a lot closer to that than I was before. I love the tones.

    Is you SX-70 modified with some contraption to catch the film in so it can stay dark for a while, or is that not necessary?

    • Thank you, ehpem! I use a “frog tongue” made by the Impossible Project. It sort of catches the photos and keeps them covered until you can transfer them into a light-proof receptacle. I carry a small box with me for just that purpose. Each successive generation of Impossible film has improved but the issue of light sensitivity hasn’t been completely solved yet so I do recommend you buy a frog tongue if you’re going to invest in the film (which, as you probably know, is very expensive). The frog tongue for the SX-70 just so happens to be on sale for three more days: https://shop.the-impossible-project.com/shop/accessories/imp_film/ac_PX70_frogtongue
      Good luck and have fun with your SX-70!

      • Thanks Caryn – I was in the middle of researching this some more at the TIP website when your email came through. Looks like something I should get if I am going to use the SX-70. I am just not completely sure if it will work, as I can’t test it without a pack of film, or just a pack I suppose, with good battery. There is a place in town that I can do that, but they are closed till next year. Perhaps I should just assume it works, and start the process.
        Some of the reading I have been doing says that the frog tongue is no longer necessary with improved film, so it is interesting to read your recommendation that it is still a worthwhile accessory.
        Thanks again!

        • You’re welcome. I’ve read similar posts that the frog tongue isn’t necessary anymore, and I have noticed a marked improvement in TIP film over earlier versions, but have had some sketchy results lately as well. That being said, a fair amount of my film was exposed to some extreme heat in the desert this past summer so maybe my less-than-stellar results relate to that. It’s hard to say. Personally, I’m inclined to err on the side of caution, given the expense of the film itself, and continue shielding it from light as it develops. You could always ask TIP themselves what they are recommending at this point. I’m happy to send you one of my empty SX-70 film cartridges (with a working battery) to test the camera if that will help. Please let me know.

          • Thanks so much for the offer. There is a used camera store here in Victoria that has empty cartridges, I just need to get the camera down to them when they are open. They carry TIP film as well, and while it is more expensive than the online price, it is not a lot more, and the difference is a lot less than shipping, so I will get them to test the camera, and will buy film from them too. Good idea to contact TIP about the necessity of the frog’s tongue these days. This is a film friendly climate – not too cold, not too hot and mostly not too bright so it might be OK here without, much of the time.

      • Hi again, I just when to order the frog’s tongue, but the shipping costs ($29 to Canada) were nearly 3x the product cost :( And did not change when I added/removed a box of film. Oh well, I will jury rig something as there are lots of ideas on the net, and get my film locally.

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