treeedit copyYes, I have fallen way behind here on my beloved, no-longer-daily photoblog and, no, I’m not being a slacker.

As it turns out, this whole putting-together-an-art-show thing is not only a lot of work but a stress-fest extraordinaire for a detail-oriented perfectionist like me. All those neurotic tendencies I thought I had left behind in my youth? They were only on break, waiting for the right circumstances under which to rear their ugly heads once again.

I do hope you’ll bear with me as I try to catch up here and finish this 365 project on schedule. Thanks for sticking with me, folks! :-)


2 thoughts on “307/365

    • Thank you, Lori! Your support is so appreciated. Funny, with all of this real-world stuff vying for my attention, I feel that much more dedicated to and protective of my little blog space. I am determined to keep posting. :-)

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