ImageDisp-3As I mentioned a few posts ago, the built-in light meter on my vintage Yashica Mat TLR doesn’t work and so I ended up blindly shooting my way through the first role of film with only an iPhone light-meter app to guide me.

While I was, for the most part, pleasantly surprised with the results, a few of the images did end up being quite overexposed. As I was lamenting this fact, I was also absent-mindedly tinkering with some editing presets on the film lab’s website and inadvertently salvaged a few of the photos in question. I’m not sure why a film lab would offer digital editing resources (it does kind of defeat the purpose of shooting film) but I’m glad they do. This Desert Center shot, in particular, doesn’t have the warmth that I look for when experimenting with film and yet it has grown on me.

Once again, kind of a cool marriage of new and old technologies. You just never know!


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