cafeyashicaWow, I really have fallen behind. It’s been a busy week for me and I’ve let many things go undone. I do hope you’ll bear with me as I barrage you with images over the next few days in order to catch up.

A truly exciting development this past week has been the recognition I’ve received from one of my fellow bloggers here on WordPress.

Artist Douglas Moore has created a unique and extremely generous “pay it forward” site where he shares the work of other artists and photographers. It’s a very cool concept and an honor for me to be included alongside so many of the accomplished artists he’s featured. I do hope you’ll pop on over to Douglas’ blog to take a look at not just his post on me but also the features he’s posted on others. Douglas is a wonderful artist in his own right and so I also encourage you to check out his work here.

As for today’s photo, it was taken with a vintage but new-to-me Yashica Mat LM Twin Lens Reflex camera I picked up on eBay early this year. This shot is from the test roll I ran through the camera almost immediately after it arrived but then waited a good six months to have developed. Because that’s just how I roll (so to speak). :-)

If you’ve followed this blog for very long, you’ll likely recognize this abandoned gas station in Desert Center, a near-ghost town located about halfway between Palm Springs and the California/Arizona border. To view my original photo essay on this fascinating place, start here.

I’ll admit I’m pleasantly surprised by this first batch of photos as I really had no idea what I was doing when I took them. I had never used a light meter before and, because the built-in light meter on the camera isn’t operational, I ended up using an app I downloaded to my iPhone, an interesting marriage between new and old technology that I quite like. The other thing I love about this camera is the viewfinder. The world somehow looks much more beautiful through it which makes this heavy old beauty a pleasure to use.

Oh, and the film used here is Fujichrome Velvia 100F 120 color slide film.

More to come soon!


4 thoughts on “265/365

    • Thank you, Melinda. It really is a great idea and very well executed. Douglas invests a lot of time and effort in promoting the work of other people which makes him very special in my opinion!

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