IMG_20140220_0015The rare opportunity to indulge in funnel cake aside, my primary motivation for attending the County Fair this week was, admittedly, for the photo ops. The colorful and timeless setting seemed particularly well suited to vintage cameras and film and so it ended up being a Polaroid- and Brownie-intensive day for me (although my DSLR did come in handy as night fell). I was particularly excited to try out the most-recent generation of Impossible Project film and I’m happy to report that it does not disappoint.

This new film is leaps and bounds ahead of its predecessor and it seems safe to say that, after years of experimentation and growing pains, the dedicated folks at the Impossible Project have finally hit their stride. The color and detail are so lovely, in fact, that this scan doesn’t even come close to approximating the beauty of the original. On top of that, I had to email them regarding a little problem with my order and it was taken care of immediately. Beautiful film and great customer service. I really do love the Impossible Project!

Photo taken with a Polaroid Spectra camera and Impossible Project PZ 680 instant film.


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