feetagMany thanks to everyone who has spent time here in my little corner of the Internet this year. This daily-photo project has provided me with some much-needed structure and accountability but, more importantly, it has enriched my life. I truly appreciate all of the kind words and encouragement I’ve received along the way.

I’ll be taking some time away from the blogosphere but will return to a regular, if less demanding, posting schedule soon.

Wishing you all much opportunity, growth and fulfillment in 2013.

Happy New Year!


8 thoughts on “366/366

  1. I’ve never commented, but I’ve viewed your daily photographs faithfully, & have learned a lot from you! I’ll miss this daily stop each morning.
    I was born in Southern California & our family vacationed at Balboa when I was a little girl in the 50’s. I especially enjoyed your snaps of the Fun Zone. My parents told me that people would gather ’round every evening to watch them attempt to pry me from the Merry Go Round when it was time to leave. Thanks for the memories.
    I attended music camp in your current area in the 60’s. Fond memories of your beautiful surroundings.

    • Hi Betty! Thank you so much for saying hello. I’m very glad you’ve enjoyed the blog. I do plan to continue with it in some form so please stop by when you can. I also spent summers in Newport and Balboa as a kid (in the ’70s) as did my father and uncles before me (in the ’40s) so it is a very nostalgic place for me as well. As for Idyllwild, my only regret is that I didn’t discover it earlier. Thanks again for taking the time to comment. Happy New Year!

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