deerjanfinalMy first deer sighting since moving to the mountains over a year ago has turned out to be not in Idyllwild, after all, but in Cuyamaca Rancho State Park near Julian. Beautiful creatures!


7 thoughts on “262/366

    • That’s very cool (assuming they aren’t eating out of your garden). I grew up on a hillside in L.A. and we used to get deer in our backyard every now and then. I just hadn’t seen one in the flesh for about 35 years!

  1. Yes, I too grew up by a hill in L.A., and we got deer. Here in the NYC burbs, they are common because they have no natural predators, and there is lots of soft green stuff to eat, like my shrubs.

    I have only seen a buzzard here once, which strikes me as odd given the number of deer carcasses on the road a few hundred feet away, but maybe the heavy traffic scares even the vultures away. They would do us a favor if they would get rid of all that deer flesh!

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