kitchenfinalAnother iPhone image from my trip yesterday to a remote, barely-accessible property in the San Jacinto Mountains.

Pictured here is the interior of the one cabin left standing not far from the charred remains of a multi-structure compound. My guess is that it was a hunting lodge or maybe even a summer camp given the curious presence of a swimming pool. There is evidence of electricity and plumbing and yet I can’t help but wonder how on earth the proprietors were able to keep their 1,000-gallon propane tank filled. Given the location and the wretched condition of the mostly-dirt roads, it’s easier to imagine them flying their fuel in than transporting it by truck.

Another question I find myself mulling over today…How do I leverage my 12-year-old Volvo convertible into something more rugged and reliable (an AWD has long been on my wish list anyway) so that I can do more exploring?


3 thoughts on “199/366

    • It’s funny, since moving to the mountains I’ve kind of felt that, however beautiful this area may be, it’s not as visually interesting as the desert. I’ve definitely been proven wrong on that count. As for my car, it’s in a state of disrepair and so the trade-in value is negligible at this point. I will figure something out though. This new lifestyle definitely calls for a new ride!

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