beaniefinalIt’s been a year to the day since my friend Beanie passed away. I’ve loved every cat I’ve shared my home with and yet she was remarkable, a constant in my life for 18 years and, I’m not embarrassed to say it, one of the true loves of my life. Intelligent, fearless, loving and engaged, she enriched my life in countless ways and will never be forgotten. That I have adopted two cats and a dog in the year since I lost her, and that the void in my heart remains, pretty much says it all.


4 thoughts on “175/366

  1. They remain forever with us, our companions, in our hearts and memories. This is a beautiful photograph of Beanie: her eyes shine with all of the qualities you’ve mentioned in this post.

    • Thank you, Jolene. I think our relationships with individual animals aren’t unlike those we have with people in that you might feel an affinity for or develop a profound bond with one but not another. Love is a mystery regardless of species. :-)

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