00000001My great-aunt Sally’s Polaroid Model 95 (manufactured from 1948 until 1953 and the first Polaroid Land camera ever) photographed with my SX-70 and Impossible Project PX 70 Color Shade Film. I’ve had this beauty displayed in my living room for years and yet didn’t notice until I took this photo that it still has film in it. Six exposures of long-discontinued film that likely expired well over a half-century ago. Let the experiment begin! As a friend of mine used to say…Could be great, could be nothing. :-)


10 thoughts on “166/366

    • Yes, I’m so happy to have this camera as well as some others that belonged to my great-aunt and both of my grandfathers. Creative tools that are by far my favorite heirlooms. :-)

  1. I’m hoping for GREAT.
    One of my sons found several rolls of 35mm film when he was moving out (got married).
    He had them processed and they were fine…only about 10 years old though.
    They were pictures of him and his brother and sister playing in the snow.

    • Old, undeveloped film does have a certain magic to it, not unlike that of a time capsule. How fun for your family that you were able to retrieve those images!

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