toiletjoshblackOne of the things I find to be most compelling about Bombay Beach is that, tiny though it may be, it stands up quite well to repeat visits. Indeed, every time I make the trek out there I see something new that, for whatever reason, failed to catch my eye in the past.

I’ve held onto this particular shot for a while now simply because I was unsure about how it might be received. But then I saw an image I quite liked over on Stephen’s photoblog and decided to just post the darn thing already. This old outhouse is quintessential Bombay Beach after all…abandoned, dilapidated, quirky, intriguing, and even a little evocative, but mostly I just like the colors. :-)


4 thoughts on “155/366

  1. Is it the subject matter you were worried about or the subject matter of the subject matter. I think it is a really great shot, nicely composed shows a faded history. publish and be damned.

    • Thank you, Brendan. I’m not sure now why I feared a photo of toilets might be perceived as being in bad taste. I’ve gotten some nice feedback on the photo so…lesson learned!

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