bombayivan2Another image from my recent afternoon amid the ruins of Bombay Beach. Today is my last full day in the desert and, while I’m not quite ready to say goodbye, I’ll admit I am looking forward to blogging from the comfort of my own home. Because, as much as I’ve enjoyed the novelty of hanging out at Starbucks and Panera every day (there are no chain stores or restaurants in my remote, tiny town), I’ve finally grown tired of life as a wifi-seeking vagabond. :-)


4 thoughts on “123/366

  1. I’ve Google mapped Bombay Beach. Only 5 hours from my home. We can easily do it as a day trip. A long day trip. But we’ve gone to San Diego and back in a day which is about the same distance so I can’t wait.

    • There are a few other towns along both shores of the Salton Sea although Bombay Beach is, for me, easily the most interesting. Try to fit in Salvation Mountain, too, if you have time! :-)

      • Will do. May not even make it all the way to Bombay Beach if there are many interesting places to stop at and photograph. That’s what I love about exploring. I know I’m not the first to say it, in fact it’s a downright cliche, but “it’s not the destination, it’s the journey”!

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