bombaymoorngsivanMore than decay and dilapidation: The beautiful side of Bombay Beach…


12 thoughts on “119/366

    • Thank you so much! I just posted a Palm Springs photo but, never fear, there is more Bombay Beach on the way. Lots of images to sort through when I get home.

    • Thank you, Marcie! Bombay Beach in the late afternoon/early evening is indeed magical to the point of being almost otherworldly. I just can’t get enough of this bizarre and beautiful place.

    • Thank you, Photo Talk. It’s funny…to be asked about “technique” is flattering but also a little embarrassing. The truth is, I’m far from a technically-proficient photographer and not very sophisticated when it comes to post-processing. This image isn’t too far from the unedited photo the only difference being the water was bluer in the original. To bring out the purple tones I used a preset from the Pixlromatic app. Hope that helps!

    • Thank you! I do use my iPhone on occasion but took this particular shot with my DSLR. (Maybe you’re referring to my mention above regarding the Pixlromatic app. Their presets are also available online via their website.)

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