hyapeterMy first day back in the desert has been a real scorcher…110 degrees! I have several photo safaris planned for later in the week but today it was all I could do to step outside and snap a few photos of the sole bloom on the patio outside my bedroom. Happy Earth Day everyone! :-)


4 thoughts on “113/366

  1. I can vouch for the 110 degrees yesterday. And that was in the shade! I started out to take some shots of an event that was to begin at 11. By noon there was hardly anyone there and it was so uncomfortable that I left. I can hardly wait for summer.

    Nice the way the yellow pops against the pink.

      • Why should I be embarassed about where I live? And yet I am. Just outside of Las Vegas. Came here from NY 13years ago. We have relatives in Palmdale, Palm Springs, San Diego, friends in the valley.

      • Not sure why you would be embarrassed! I figured you lived in the desert…was just wondering whereabouts. I loved living here but just can’t take the summer heat anymore. Very glad I am close enough for frequent visits. :-)

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