westshoresdougOne last shot from my most recent trip out to the Salton Sea. What I remember vividly about this particular spot is that it was here in front of this old sign that the shutter on my DSLR clicked its last click, the camera unexpectedly dying on me in the middle of the desert. Seeing as I had made the long trek with the sole intention of taking photos it was not a happy moment. Good thing I had my old Brownie with me. :-)

(Taken with a Kodak Brownie Starmite II and Kodacolor 127 film.)


2 thoughts on “110/366

  1. I love these old signs you’ve captured. The camera lens and the film stock are perfect compliments. Think you’ ll be able to get the camera fixed?

    • Thank you. :-) I always take a film camera with me when I go to the Salton Sea. There is just something about the decay and dilapidation there that lends itself to film. As for the DSLR, I did end up having to buy another camera I’m sorry to say.

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