rabbitDon’t let this little guy’s adorable facade fool you. He’s a menace! The thing is, there was a time not too long ago when I couldn’t understand how people could not like rabbits. I mean, how much of a curmudgeon do you have to be to not appreciate the charms of a cute little bunny? Now that I am a person with a salad bar, I mean a vegetable garden, in my back yard I totally get it. (And, no, this unkempt mess isn’t my actual garden. In my experience, a rabbit will only strike such a brazen pose while eating weeds. They are completely elusive when engaged in official garden sabotage.:-))


8 thoughts on “96/366

  1. So true! My beautiful spinach and lettuce plants were nibbled to the nub by these little guys! I’m seriously considering getting a garden cam just for entertainment.

    • It’s maddening…I had some gorgeous butter lettuce last year that I was very excited about. Came out one morning only to find it all eaten down to the nub. I’m going to put chicken wire around my raised beds this year and see if that helps at all. :-)

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