pinkflI’m taking a break from my usual method of counting my posts because, while I’m happy to still be plugging away at my 2012 daily photo project, it’s the bigger picture that I’m celebrating today. I’ve been sharing photos here on Instamatic Gratification for just over two years now and today marks my 500th post.

When I launched this blog in January 2010, my goal was simply to improve as a photographer. The more photos you take, the better you’ll get, right? That may be so, but I only have to scroll back through what is now a rather large collection of images to see that this blog has become much more to me than merely the engine that propels me down my creative path. It’s a diary, too, a visual record of my evolving taste and sensibilities and, most importantly, the reflection of a life that has been enriched immeasurably through the (almost daily) practice of photography.

Thank you to everyone who takes the time to visit me here and also to those who provide me with feedback and encouragement. Your comments and “likes,” not to mention the inspiration I’ve gained from those of you who are also photobloggers, have kept me going when I’ve been tempted, on more than one occasion, to throw in the towel.

I’ll see you back here tomorrow!


12 thoughts on “500

    • Thank you, Kristasta! I really do believe that blogging has the potential to be a life-changing and transformative experience. It certainly has been for me.

    • Thank you, Nigel. The irony is that I’m marking this milestone at the same time I’m experiencing photographer’s block. Feeling quite stuck and uninspired at the moment but hopefully I’ll come up with something. :-)

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