dianaIf this old jackrabbit homestead looks familiar, that’s because I’ve already posted two very similar images of it. The first one, posted back in October, was taken with my DSLR, while a second photo, posted in October, was captured with my Polaroid Spectra.

What’s so different about this one? Well, it’s one of the first photos I’ve taken with my Diana F+, a plastic toy camera I wouldn’t have had the opportunity to experiment with had I not won it in a contest (thanks Shutter Sisters!). If you’re wondering why I’m posting it now after all this time, all I can say is that it took me this long to finally get around to having the film developed. How’s that for old school?

This being my first attempt at Lomography, I’ll admit to being pleasantly surprised. The Diana is so light weight and insubstantial, that even as I was taking photos, I had a hard time believing that anything was actually happening.

But something did happen. I’m not thrilled with every image on the roll but I am intrigued enough to try again.


4 thoughts on “34/366

    • They are fun and unpredictable and I can totally understand why there’s now a subculture of passionate toy-camera users out there. As for me, I will definitely give it another go but will likely remain a dabbler. :-)

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