IMG_6211Just experimenting, once again, with the natural light that seems to stream through my window so infrequently these days.

One month down and only eleven more to go. :-)
I had forgotten what an insatiable beast a daily photoblog can be. Every published post brings with it a sigh of relief and yet the sense of satisfaction is fleeting. The pressure is constant but also totally worth it. A little discipline, after all, never hurt anybody.

Here’s hoping 2012, and whatever projects and goals you may be working on, are going well so far!


6 thoughts on “31/366

  1. i have come here backwards from feb 20, and am impressed with what you are doing here. fun, whimsical, creative, reflective…. a whole gamut of images. am enjoying.
    you have already stopped by my february project for leap year. it is the first time i have ever posted something on a daily basis – even though it is only going to be 29 days altogether. while i am looking forward to the reprieve coming soon of posting only once or twice a week, i must say there is something very satisfying about posting something every day in succession.
    anyhow, i will continue going backwards and see what has already come :)

    • Thank you, Chris. You’ve made my day today with all of your comments especially this one. I do truly think the positives of committing to a daily posting schedule outweigh the negatives. I just don’t allow myself to think too far in advance (as in where on earth are the next 314 photos going to come from?!) but instead simply concentrate on one post at a time. As you now know from your leap year project, posting on a daily basis can be quite rewarding. :-)

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