IMG_5161I’ve posted here many times about “jackrabbit homesteads” and the other abandoned structures that sit decomposing out in the more remote stretches of Southern California desert. Just as fascinating to me are the relics that have been left behind with them. To give you an idea of how long some of this stuff has been out there…Old-school pull tabs on soda and beer cans were determined to be an environmental and safety hazard (after countless people and animals choked on the loose pieces of metal) and phased out in 1975.


2 thoughts on “08/366

    • Classic and dangerous! I remember my mom always warning me not to put the tab back in the can because she was afraid I would choke on it. Even so, I seem to remember riding around in the car without a seat belt plenty of times. It’s kind of amazing that anyone survived the “good old days.”

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