The Balboa Fun Zone, a waterfront attraction popular with generations of kids and teenagers (myself included), quiet here in the off-season; Newport Beach, CA


12 thoughts on “380

  1. After looking at a lot of your work the first thought that comes to mind is poetry. Now let me explain. While nature and some of the subjects you take pictures of aren’t my “style” of photography I find them to be very poetic for some reason. If you write, I really suggest that you try to put some poetry or some type of words together that tie into the theme of your various pictures. I’ve glanced at some of your writing on your other blog (no, not stalking) and you seem to have the ability to express yourself well with words.
    Give it a try. I think it would really make your work that much more powerful.

    • Hello sdazzle…Thank you so much for your comment. That you would take the time to offer such thoughtful and constructive feedback means more than you can know. Writing was something I pursued long before I ever picked up a camera. You have given me something to think about and I do thank you for that. :-)

  2. I like this image, and the airplane in it is great. It’s so far away, and sleekly technological, in contrast to the equally mechanical, but kind of homey Ferris wheel. Not sure why it makes such a difference, but that’s my first thought.

    What is the source of the round shadow that frames the picture?

  3. Thank you, Lichanos. I agree, the airplane makes the shot. There were several others without it that I didn’t like nearly as much. As for the black border, it’s simply an iPhoto effect. I usually don’t go in for such gimmicks but for this particular photo I wanted to suggest the old-fashioned look you might get from a toy camera.

  4. Yeah, the gimmick gives it an interesting look, like we are peering up at reality from somewhere. Also, for me, the airplane is both wonderful and ominous. Did you ever see Fail Safe?

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