Signs of spring, 5300 feet above sea level; Idyllwild, CA


8 thoughts on “373

  1. I just stumbled upon your blog today and have been looking through your archive. You have a lot of great photos and I look forward to visiting even more. (I’ve bookmarked your site.)

    In the Midwest, our Springtime is nearly over, but this photo reminded me of the real excitement of seeing the trees and flowers beginning to bloom and starting to shake off that last bit of chill. I think you captured the promise very well.

    • Thank you, Phil! After living most of my life in the perpetual sunshine of Southern California (most recently in the desert where spring is also over and summer already in full swing), I’m looking forward to experiencing the change of seasons up here in the mountains. It really is all new to me. Thank you, too, for your kind words about my photos. I’m just picking up my camera again after a long hiatus and I appreciate the encouragement. I’m glad you found me and am flattered to be bookmarked. :-)

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