Hello out there…I’m back. :-) To anyone still paying attention and especially to those of you who bothered to check in here during my long absence…thank you!!

My first couple of weeks here in Idyllwild (most of which I spent unpacking, little did I know I should have been outside enjoying the weather) were truly spectacular. This past week, on the other hand, has provided me with a mere hint of what winter will undoubtedly be like here. Thirty-eight degrees in the middle of the day? Seriously? And in the middle of May? There was even snow forecast for the next town up the mountain although I never did hear whether or not it materialized.

Not that I didn’t enjoy the novelty of it all at first. Coming on the heels of my sojourn in the desert, a simple thing like walking through the dark, misty afternoon all bundled up, the smell of woodsmoke in the air, felt almost magical. Even so, the gloomy weather was just starting to get to me when, thankfully, I awoke this morning to a mild and vivid-as-technicolor spring day.

I’m looking forward to sharing my beautiful new surroundings with you. I’m also looking forward seeing what my friends in the blogosphere are up to these days. I’ll be making the rounds over the next few days. See you soon!


12 thoughts on “372

    • Thank you, David! Believe it or not, the trees are much higher than pictured here. I could only get so much of them into the frame! I am having fun exploring here…it’s so different from the desert.

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