When I took up knitting a few years ago, I was delighted to receive my mother’s stash of vintage aluminum needles. But I’ve turned out to be a bit of a knitting dilettante and, when I do attempt the occasional project, I tend to favor my newer (and much less slippery) bamboo needles. Still, there is something about these old knitting needles that I love. They’re smooth and shiny and colorful and just very appealing to the eye, the ear and the touch. Or maybe it’s that they bring to mind Pick Up Sticks, a game I loved as a child.


12 thoughts on “36/365

  1. wonderful image, warm story.
    reminds me of my mom’s knitting needles as well.
    She crochets rather than knits now, when she has time.
    She is retired, and at 85, life is quite busy with gardening, cooking, baking, canning…

    • Thanks…and good for your mother. Staying active and engaged (along with exercise of course) seems to be as close to a fountain of youth as we’re likely to get.

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