desert moonElsewhere the sky is the roof of the world; but here the earth was the floor of the sky.
~ Willa Cather 


11 thoughts on “12/365

  1. A weird and wonderful image. The vertical format doesn’t work too well on my horizontal screen – I can’t see it all at once!

    What time of day was this, and which way were you facing? Did you manipulate the image at all to get that gradation of color?

    Cries out for a large format print – almost a mural!

  2. Hi Lichanos, The vertical format is problematic, I know. Even if I insert it as a thumbnail it ends up being huge. You can get a better look at it on my flickr page. As far as the photo itself goes, it was taken at dusk facing west. I increased the saturation in iPhoto but only because the color washed out a bit when blown up. The image as you see it is as I remember it. Thanks for your comment! :-)

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