IMG_0365My grandfather’s typewriter. He was a pharmacist in Chicago way, way back in the day and used it to type out prescription labels.


12 thoughts on “04/365

    • Hi Susan. Not a great reflection on my housekeeping, but when I took the typewriter down from its shelf, I decided to photograph it just as it was. Thanks for visiting my blog and for your comment!

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  2. Ironically, I happened to watch an old Mary Tyler Moore rerun where Lou Grant was trying to chase down a story. And at one point, he pulls out an old typewriter which he shows to Mary, letting her know that this was his grandfather’s typewriter, and that he was a pharmacist who had used it to type out prescription labels…..

    • That is so cool! I don’t remember that episode but MTM was by far my favorite show when I was growing up. Mary Richards was such a great role model for single career women…I’ve always thought maybe that character was partly to blame for the fact that I never got married! :-)

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