hotelds.jpgOne last look at the abandoned hotel I found while exploring Desert Shores. The thing about the Salton Sea is that, if you ever do visit, you’re going to find yourself longing for a time machine. I would have loved to have seen this place in 1960 give or take!


IMG_0664A side view of the Desert Shores market featured in yesterday’s post. I’ve been pleasantly surprised by the outdoor art I’ve encountered during my last couple of visits to the Salton Sea. The interest in, and concern for, this ecologically-troubled area and its near-ghost towns seems to be building. Maybe there’s hope after all.


sa.jpgA look at colorful and funky “downtown” Desert Shores, a tiny town on the western shore of the Salton Sea. Unlike so many establishments in this ecologically-troubled and economically-depressed area, this restaurant is still open for business!