IMG_20141126_0002Another Polaroid SX-70 test shot of my roommate Dignan from my pack of overheated Impossible Project film…

And, to all who celebrate it, a very Happy Thanksgiving to you!


IMG_20141126_0003I spent some time today going through my stash of Impossible Project film, and taking a few test shots, as I realized yesterday my Polaroid camera was still spitting out heat-yellowed images like the ones it produced during last summer’s Great Salton Sea Film Bake. As it turns out, even the extra film I carried that day in a cooler has never quite recovered from the ordeal but is now producing photos that have a strange, yellowy-blue cast to them. Even so, I kind of like this one of my pal Dignan, taken this morning with my Polaroid SX-70. :-)


motelianvertAs if getting ready for my photography show isn’t giving me enough to do, my freezer decided yesterday that it doesn’t want to work anymore. All that yummy organic ice cream I had stashed away down the drain! As for the photo, I took it a while back while driving through Yucca, Arizona. I must admit, a road trip sounds pretty good right now. :-)


beachsidekevinI’m deep into my archives at the moment as I finalize the print order for my upcoming photography show. I found this shot, taken a while back from the Huntington Beach pier, in the process. All of this curating, ordering and framing stuff is making me miss the actual taking of photos. Hopefully, I’ll be able to remedy that soon!